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Your Fitness Program Should be as Individual as You Are
                                   It Should be Fun!
'Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going'. Jim Ryan

So WHAT motivates YOU?  HOW can fitness be FUN?  Everyone has the desire to be healthy, but how do you get there?  How do you stay there?
What works? What doesn't? 

Pondering and answering questions like this is exactly what we're about. 

We love to share things we've learned. We have tried and true information on our experience with fitness gadgets, workouts, equipment, etc. Trying new things is what keeps fitness fresh.  Keeping fitness fresh is what keeps you moving.

If you live in sunny Southern CA, come work out with us! Check out our Services Tab for all that we offer. 

And no matter where you live, be sure to keep current on our brand new Blog! We have an upcoming series on fitness gadgets including the Nike Fuelband, the UP band by Jawbone and the Fitbit.  We've been testing these gadgets ourselves with you in mind! 

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Your best you is waiting

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